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It's my first post on this forum and i'm finnish, so my english is not good. I have asked these same questions at the finnish forum, but nobody seems to know.
My problem:
It seems that my intake swirl flaps don't work as they should be. When the engine is cold/little warm the flaps seems to work, but when the engine is in normal temperature the "usual" acceleration kick does not happend ( it revs poorly over 3500 rpm and slight bogging is noticeable). When accelerating and the revs go over 3500 rpm, normally the car has "boost spike" (no it's not a turbo engine) but when the car is in normal temperature that don't happend. And the car feels little bit "under powered". I've measured the VALVE ASSY, VACUUM SWITCHING with a multimeter and it ok.
What is the problem and where should i start to look it for? any suggestion are welcome. I will answer to my best ability.
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