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I'm looking at a few easy performance upgrades for my 1994 ES300 (Cold air intake, remapped ECU, might rear-turbo it depending on funds) but I was interested to know the compatibility between the 1MZ-FE engine in the ES300 and Camry. I've found parts that are specifically for the 1MZ-FE for the Camry, but none for the Lexus. Is there anyone here with a 1994 Camry V6 who can consult and let me know if there's any differences in the engine bay?

I was looking at some of the "universal" cold-air intakes for a little while before I knew much about them, but I've decided it's probably better to try to find one specific for my vehicle. I don't trust those universal ram intakes.

An example for the cold-air intake would be this:

Thanks all!

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