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I have compiled a list of Toyota/Lexus cars that came with the 1mz-fe V6 engine, but I have a few questions. The models I know of are:


I'm missing a couple I know. Now for the questions :)
1. Can anyone help me complete that list?
2. What years/generations of those models?
3. Did any of them have a manumatic/triptronic transmission?
4. What year did the 1mz-fe get VVT-i?

Thanks for any help. I kinda feel like a tard posting this, but I've been looking all over the net this week and can't find much. Thanks!

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1. I think trdcamry2003 got the last one for you... the Highlander

2. Here is some Camry/Solara/ES300 help:

Camry/ES300 94-95 (1st Gen 1MZFE, return fuel system, 6 coilpacks, hydraulic rad fan)
Camry/ES300 96 (1.5 Gen 1MZFE, sorta hybrid of 94-95 1MZ and the 97+ 1MZFE, 3 coilpacks, old MAF sensor, new EGR system, electric rad fan instead of hydraulic)
Camry/ES300 97-01 (2nd Gen 1MZFE, 3 coilpacks, non-return fuel system, new MAF sensor design, redesigned valve covers (some suspect the cause of sludge), new EGR system, new V6 manual tranny design with better synchros, smaller cruise actuator)

3. I don't know of any that had the tiptronic transmissions except maybe the new 01+ Solara/ES300's perhaps. Someone can clarify that.

4. I believe VVT-i was introduced roughly in late 98/early 99 in the ES300 or Sienna. If you do a search here on TN, you'll find the answer either in the Camry or Hardcore forums...

Hope that helps a bit. :)

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Phi said:
Do I smell another MR6 project? ;)
Smells like.....6 cylinders! Yeah, my dad just bought a bare MR2 chassis and we are going to work on putting it back together. He's really interested in the V6, so I am trying to scrounge up as much information as possible. Thanks for the help guys :)

Originally posted by trdcamry2003
The 99 and up es300's had vvti. The solara v6's didnt get the tiptronic trans til the new body style
What year was that in?

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^ Hey... that sig looks really familiar. Mr2oc? Are you going V6 in your current car or a different one? Is the new car a hardtop too???

BTW: Wouldn't MR6 make is a 6 seater :dunno: .... that would def. kill the handling and power/weight :D

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ishcoleobo said:
So you are gonna pull that 3sgte and drop it in your deuce??? :D
The chassis is very bare, and does not include a motor.

As for Brad, I have yet to talk to him, but him and a few others on mr2oc have published long walthroughs and how-to's on the net about how they did their swap, and I am talking with a few of them personally. Someone told me the other day that Brad is actually going to start doing the swap for other people, for a price ;)
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