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1mz jdm diagrams

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since i put the rest of the jdm parts on my car i have a spare valve that i don't know how to connect and the manuals say nothing about it. also i don't know whre to run the hoses(there are only 2 that i need to connect) i think it bypasses the charcoal canister. any input please or a pic of a jdm 1mzfe non vvti motor. wiring diagrams would be nice too.
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any body? i've been going through the wiring harness that come with the motor but i'm just as lost as before. it only needs 2 wires and 2 hoses but i'm completely lost here. please help.
Any picture of the actual valve?
sounds like its a vsv or something...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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