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1999 Avalon XL
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Hey all,

I'm rebuilding my engine, and throwing some modifications at it as well. Waiting on my heads to get back from the machinist who is seating my new race valves, I decided to take a crack at cleaning all of the caked up sludge in my valve covers. There's a lot. Like, a lot a lot. Anyhow, I've about cleaned up everything visible on the rear cover, but I know there is a ton more under the baffle. My question to you guys is: do I actually need that baffle in there, or can I ditch it? I'm installing a new pcv, as well as a Mishimoto catch can, and deleting the EGR, so that I don't have to clean the intake pathway again. So would that catch can suffice, and allow me to delete the baffles?

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