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94 Camry Coupe
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I have a 1994 Carmy V6 Le Coupe. And i love it, and ive been looking around and havnt had much luck with finding performance parts for it. My long term plan is to change it into somewhat a show car, im only 17 but like i said a long term plan. I want it to look like a true tuner car, since it has that potentail here are some things that ive done and some things im thinking of doing, your advice and knowledge is greatly appreciated.

Have done / working on

short ram air intake- finished - hand build myself
exhaust - working on - building myself
stereo and amp racks - nearing completion - hand built myself

Thinking of

Body kits
new hoses and wires
painted engine parts
wheels and low pros
new suspension
brembo brakes
new grilles
new lights
new paint
and more just cant think of anything else right now lol :headbang:

and the most ask
Turbo or supercharger ---- possibly :D

94 Camry SE V6 Coup
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prince george? wheres that?

anyways, :welcome:. great camry ya got there, only one worth modding in my opinion.

first off, check out the stickies(threads at top of each section) here in this section and in the general camry discussion forum. lots of good info there.

figure out what ya want to do first and use the search function. thrers alot more info you can look up then we could post in this thread. if ya hit a wall and have a more specific question, then post back up and we can better help that way. ill throw ya this bone since your a fellow coupe owner.
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