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1mzfe or es3000

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if anyone can help me find info on whats better to swap for my i4 in my 95 cam. i know your gonna say search and all that but, i have all day and can't find anything.ive read alot about the gen 4 1mzfe swap for my car but i also read that a same year lexus es3000 engine fits too. which one has better upgrades for it later?
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I would go 1mz-fe
mostly because people have done it here and there are LOADS of info if you take time searching
i think the es300 has a 1mz also.

gen 4 v6 = 194hp 209 torque

92-96 ES300 v6= 188hp 203 torque

97-01 ES300 v6= 200hp 195 torque

As far as upgrades go, theres not that much aftermarket support for the 1mz, but you can go custom like tony the tiger's T66 1mz which is hot as shit.
i would stay away from the 1mz that has vvti since your car doesn't have what it needs stick with a standard 1mz or if you can get your hand on a 3mz;)
The 1MZ aftermarket is piss poor.
It fits because it's the same engine. It's the same car too, just slightly longer and with a softer suspension and with leather and wood in it. Better stock radio ect...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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