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Hey, i did a search so nothing came up where do i get a turbo kit for a 1MZFE Solara (V6) 2000

I just got it yesterday i want a full turbo kit, i know the TRD supercharger gives about 50 or so hp total of 247 after installed but how much can i expect from a turbo? can someone link me to a turbo kit? thanx...

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turbo kit???? :lol: you have to get them custom made so really your only easy choice for forced induction is the supercharger and you can get them with diffrent sized pullys and readjust the waist gate so that it would give more boost, i belive around 10psi you get around 343hp well thats what says.

oh ya i just rember hearing something about a company is making a turbo kit for the 1mz-fe's but from what i know it hasnt been relased yet.

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1mz turbo kit

yeah, there is a company who makes a turbo kit for the 1MZ.
I saw it at a car show on a first gen solara a few months ago. the company was there at the show. the kit looked good, single turbo i believe. I looked it up on the internet but cant find it. I will look in my closet for the show papers and see if i cant find the company name.
but just so you know, there is a company who makes a turbo kit for the 1MZ.
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