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hello all. i come here for help. I know this is not the right forum but i have a 1nfe engine I'm pulling from a 2005 xb for rebuild. the usual scion forums are no longer active, i mean dead fred..

u guys were very helpful with my matrix. she's running strong thx to tn! any direction w scion forums or places to find torque, engine specs, tip, trick..whatever would be great!

this is what I'm working on:


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If you need a repair manual, go to and buy a 2 day subscription to TIS. From there you can log in and download the entire repair manual.

For your sludge repair, I think you gave a range of options.

1. Use a sludge cleaning solvent like Kreen or engine flush to attempt to clean it through non invasive methods.

2. Scrape off large particles and vacuum them. Also remove the oil pan and clean the sump and oil pickup.

3. Do a partial rebuild. Remove chain, cams, head and clean all parts. Remove oil pan and clean it. Inspect bearings.

4. Replace the engine. A full rebuild is not worth it. There is no shortage of low mileage used replacement engines. Buy a good used engine from a vehicle wrecked in the side or rear and swap it in.
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