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1st time toyota owner.

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Hello all,
I recently purchased a 94 Camry in fairly ok condition. The previous owner lacked general maintenance skills I believe.
Now that I have it all is well.
It has 161k on it.
The previous owner used conventional oil and fluids throughout I believe from what I see...sludge.
I am in the process of changing out fluids, plugs, filters and such.
I really want it to last for awhile.
So far it has a new pcv valve, it was sludged up and wouldn't rattle.
New airfilter...I could scrape black dirt and contaminates from the filter...really clogged bad.
Changed the oil and filter. Penzoil full synthetic 10-30 because I here it cleans well.
Next will be the transmission fluid change, belts, plugs and such.
Anyway any help here would be greatly appreciated.
Quick question since dexron ii is no longer made is dexron vi ok?
Thanks in advance.

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Welcome to The Forum:hi:
Visit the Camry section for answers to your questions. Those guys can help you get your Camry back in shape and keep it that way.
:welcome: to Toyota Nation, Mike! Sounds like you've got your work cut out for you, but you've come to the right place for answers to problems.


Like the others have stated, "Welcome to TN!" I believe Castrol ATF is what you would be looking for. GM owns the copyrights for "Dexron" and are not permitting anyone to use the name anymore.
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