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1st Truck, 1st Toyota & 1st Tacoma

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Had someone turn me onto this site. So far I've seen some pretty remarkable pages on people upgrading and improving their Tacomas, and I've only been on this site for a day or two. I'm a new owner of a 2011 Double cab Tacoma SR5 Pre-Runner (not 4x4, but at least I got one). I've been wanting a truck ever since I was 15 . . . it just took 15+ years to get one. I'm glad (so far) that my first truck is a Toyota. Hoping to get some ideas in the future for my truck from looking at the Tacoma forum, so we'll see how things go.

Here's a pic of my Tacoma a day or two after I got her in August. Started out with 3 miles now I'm already approaching 1000. So far I'm loving it. So, now my family will have Christmas and birthday ideas for me for the life of the truck. The only "customization" that has been done so far are Weathertec floor mats for the front and back and two child seats :lol:. It comes with cloth seats, backup camera in the tailgate and towing package . . . so nothing fancy.
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Congratulations on the new Tacoma, and welcome to Toyota Nation too! That's a great truck and it'll serve you well....enjoy! :chug:

Congrats on the new Taco!

Come check out the 05+ section! Lot of great info and DIY mod articles to keep you entertained for a while!

Let the modding begin! :clap:
Many thanks for the welcome. We'll see how time and budget permit, but hopefully someday I'll get my Tacoma looking like something close to this.
I know how you feel! Sometimes my truck reminds me of the old movie, "The money pit" for different reasons of course, but everytime I think I am finally done modding it, I find something else I want to do. My wife-to-be gives me crap about it, she says I always have to be tinkering with something on my truck to be happy! :lol:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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