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1zz fe motors

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Yo what's up I got a 2007 corolla and I just found out tht the same motor was in the 2000-2004 celica gt so with tht said will the headers of a gt celica fit on my corolla or are there clerance issuses or nything else thanks for the help
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I do not think so, I believe the part numbers are different. Does the celica have a bung for the O2 sensor?

That's the thing I tlked 2 a bunch of toyota ppl and they say its the exact same thing but I can't find nything on if they really are because I know the notor in the celica gained 5 hp in its production I dunno if that changes any major parts because headers for the celica are availabe and with the 1zz in it it should fit on the corolla unless the cylinderheads are different but like I said b4 toyota said they are the same I jst need proof of that I think all the sensors are the same
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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