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2.2 All Motor 300 HP Drag car?

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I was wanting to know how much hp and Tq you can get from the 2.2 mr2 motor. Also does any one make motor mounts that will fit this into the frist gen 1986 mr2. if not can it even be done. We are looking to build a Comp 4 All motor car and I want to do something different than a CRX with a 300hP K20 I takes about 5k in a K20 motor to get 300-320 at the wheels. I need to be 11.2 1/4 mile or faster can it be done?
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very difficult to make any where near 300hp on the 5SFE....not much aftermarket support..
you'd have to do A LOT of work to get the 5SFE to that power level. get a 3SGE if you want a 4 cylinder all-motor car. if you don't mind having 2 more holes, swap in the 3.0L V6 from a Solara.

The short answer is NO, there is nobody who has ever had an NA MR2 near those times. However, there are "other" na engines that fit in the back of a MKI and can give you a bit more power. If you are serious about putting an S series engine in a MKI go to the hybrid section of or and they will tell you all the components needed to make that combo work.
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