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I'm planning to rebuild a 5S-FE completely (mileage back to 0), but I want to rebuild it to performe a little better low-end torwue for better kick off the bat. I want to know if the rebuilt motor can handle atleast 200HP. I'm aiming about 180HP.

Planning to inspect and straighten the block, oversize the cylinders, change the pistons, inspect and if need be replace the piston rods,inspect straighten and machine the head and valves, replace the gaskets (if i can get more resistant gaskets) and valve seals, replace the valve springs, change the oil pump, change the water pump, change and\or polish intake and exhaust manifold, replace or fix up the oil pan and replaces the sensors.

DO you guys think I should forge the block, pistons, crankshaft and\or rods to help support with the higher HP, I won't be going higher than 180?

I also want to know if these parts fit bolt-on to the 5S-FE:
-Intake or exhaust manifolds of the 4A-GZE or the 3S-GTE\GE
-Motor head and the superchage of the 4A-GZE
-Transmission and LSD of the 93 MR2 (can sone please tell me the name of the tranny)

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the 3S-GTE has a turbo manifold, not an exhaust manifold ... but it does bolt directly on ... so the 3S-GE should also bolt on, although i cant imagine it will help a whole lot
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