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2 Calipers???

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Yesterday I saw this Jag that had 2 Calipers on every wheel. There was a big one and a little one.... anyone ever seen anything like this? I'm looking for pics... but can't find any.
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15" rotors. They need bigger calipers though. Oh and they are dual 6 pistons.
Was that at the LA auto show? I remember seeing that car there.
Yeah it was there. I think those pics are at the la auto show.'s one hot car....
yeah, one of those Mid engined corvette concepts had dual calipers per brake disc...

not really popular on production cars, though...
that would give it some good stopping power, but it was be hell when it comes time to change pads
Wilwood makes pad changes pin, and out htey come. A little expensive however...
just saw on discovery channel the other day about the development of an all encompassing disc brake. don't remember what it's called unfortunately, but apparently it's been race tested already on Porches, worked wonderfully. brakes on the whole circumference of the disc, not just one little bit.

anyone else hear of this?
^ I think I have seen a design like that somewhere before, I think I was watching a show about F1 technology or something.

btw, that volve is pure sickness.
I think they're quite common on high perf. and exotics now.

Nothing beats watercooled calipers from the WRC cars :cool:
my how technology is advancing....i was just impressed recently to find out about 2 piece rotors.......
ya the Maybach has dual calipers to does it not?
I've seen dual calipers on the new Viper's too
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