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2 channel amp

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is a two channel amp is sufficient for powering 2 subs?
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You should be fine as long as they're bridged. I myself would rather just have a straight up Class D sub amp. That's what they're designed for. You don't need 2 channels for subs really. You can't tell the difference anyways with frequencies that low.
That amp will not run 400 watts bridged, maybe 250-300, get a different amp
If you run both subs in stereo, it will work, but not as loud as you may like it. The amp will not run 2-ohm mono stably if you bridge both channels to run the subs in a parallel fashion.
I have a Rockford Fosgaate 600 watt Amp (NEW)
360.00 shiped
email me if your serious: [email protected]


It is there competition series
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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