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colder plugs for turbo??

what's up, i was thinking today, would it be possible to put the Echo VVT-I head on a 5efe? i looked at some specs and the bore was almost exactly the same between the two. i just thought it'd be cool to have vvt-i on my tercel. Also why is it necessary to use colder spark plugs in a turbo engine with smaller gap? may sound stupid, but.....

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VVT-i is also tied up in the intake manifold and I doubt it'll work. No evidence on my end to say it won't though.

Colder spark plugs? What?

Smaller gap = smaller distance for spark to travel
you know, hotter and colder plugs, heat range? and was wondering why a smaller gap, i think b/c of preignition/detonation...
anybody know anything about colder spark plugs necessary for turbo? please assist
All the people I know with turbos applications have never spoke of colder plugs. Nitrous applications are a different story.
the colder plugs will prevnt themn from getting so hot, that once the fuel is sent into the chamber, it wont ignite before the spark is given. if it ignites before the spark is given, this is because your plugs are so hot that once fuel touches them in the chamber they ignite at the wrong time in the sequence.thus causing poor pefrormance.
thank you, thank you, thank you,

oh yeah dotmrep, officespace?
I have to run colder plugs on my turbo setup.
I did not have to until I went over about 18 pounds of boost though.
VVTi is also controlled through the ECU so you'll need that too...assuming it works. Hard to say.
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