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2 Quick Questions?

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1) i have a 2001 hl....i was wondering if the 2004 headlamp ass and tail maps will fit?

2) where can i find the bulb for the factory fog lamp? every where i go they tell me its an H3 bulb but it doesn't fit.......What is the bulb model number?.....thanks
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and input your info, as far as I can tell, the low beam is 9006 and high beam 9905, fog light bulb is 9006, for my HL 2004 so shouldn't be any different! Light assembly shoud be the same on 2001 - 2007, but some one else can confirm that too?

Low beam - 9006 High beam - 9005 Fog lights - 9006. If you want OEM wattage, most any auto parts store will carry them. Higher wattage versions can be found at JCWhitney or search the internet. Even eBay probably has a wide assortment.
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