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2000-01 4 Cylinder Camry Problem

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Last night on our way out my cousins 00-01 camry not sure what year exactly but its one of those years for sure and as we turned out from the street and picked up a bit all we heard was a big bang and clunk come from the engine and the cars oil light came on and the car started to lose power and eventually shut off. The car also then started to smoke. When we opened the hood we saw that the car we that oil had spilled everywhere, I believe it was coming from the oil filter. The car was leaking oil also once this happened and spilled all over the road in a large amount, thinking maybe the oil pan blew up also(not sure if thats possible) but i also did not get to check the car because it was night time and we just had it towed. The oil filter was on tight. The car had done a oil change just recently 2.

What could be the cause of this and how could it be fixed. Appearantly a friend checked it out and theres a hole in the engine block also:ugh3:
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"a friend checked it out and theres a hole in the engine block also"

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if there is actually a hole in the engine block, the engine will need to be replaced with a new or rebuilt engine. This will not be a cheap fix. It's time to get a few price quotes and then make a decision if the rest of the car is in good enough shape to justify spending that amount of money on it.

Even if it were just the pan it's usually a thrown rod/piston. Time for a new or salvage engine as Mike suggests. Or salvage it and buy something else. Sorry to hear the bad news. I have an '01 myself.
Thanks guys, I shall see what my uncle shall do.
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