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2000 4runner maintenace Q's?

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I just got back from the dealer and they told me I need Spark plugs and wires, an o2 sensor and a maf sensor, they wanted to charge me $750 for it, so I was wondering if I can do it myself and also how can I test the MAF sensor, what resistance should it read if good?

any help or writeups would be awesome, thanks ahead of time
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You usually don't just recommend 02's and MAF's for service. Whats going on with the vehicle?
well the dealer took care of it for $600, but my car is approaching 125k miles, is there any Preventative maintanance I should start looking into?
Normally if the car is running OK and the check engine light is off, there is not a problem. Not saying these wasn’t a problem with the engine but the MAF and O2 sensors are not normally replaced on a preventive maintenance schedule.

Recommended timing belt change is 90K miles. If an automatic trans and original fluid change it plus differential fluid.
are there any diy's where I can learn to do alot of these PM sort of things?

Most of the pm items you can do by yourself with a service manual and a few basic tools.

I am reaching 200k miles on my rig. In the last 100k miles, its only been in a shop twice. Once for new tires, and once to get the timing belt/water pump/belts replaced (it was winter, and i didnt feel like doing the work in the freezing cold).

I am sure this forum and others can help you with various projects. Just do a quick search.

good luck
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