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So like 6 months ago, towards the end of winter, I was backing out of a friend's driveway when a lady turns around the corner too quickly, reacts too slowly, and nails my rear-left quarter with her SUV. Light breaks, and there's a large dent in the rear-left quarter now (I don't know what I would call it).

I replaced the tail light and tried to bang the dent out with a hammer wrapped in a t-shirt. No dice. I think the metal is warped beyond banging it out.

It has now been so long that the paint that was broken up and fallen off is now rusted in the area, and looks unappealing.

I want to get it fixed but I can't find a place that wants less than $800 to fix a 1inch by 6inch vertical dent in my rear-left quarter. I'm not too keen on body work pricing, but it seems fairly small.

Any ideas on why the pricing is so high?
I think the whole left side of the Avalon is just one big panel instead of the two that I often see. Is this part of the reason?

(Note: I was an idiot and duct-taped a piece of transparent red plastic to cover the smashed light, hence, duct-tape adhesive stuck to it.)

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Unfortunately there's a lot of labor that goes into even a dent like that, and then there's the painting, costs what it costs. If you like I can move this thread to the General Discussion forum so the greatest number of TN members will be able to read it and possibly offer up a repair shop in your area with great work and reasonable prices. I'd leave a redirect in the Avalon forum so the folks there can follow the thread to its new location, just let me know.
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