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2000 Camry Tranmission Drain and fill

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I'm having a hard time finding the place to fill the transmission fluid once i drain it. It cant be where the dip stick is, because the hole is way too small. does anyone know?

Also, for the drain plug, which one is it? it the one thats on the bottom of the tranny or the one that is a little higher on a black part of the tranny.

please help.
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Is this the first time servicing your tranny? If not how long has it been since your last change. Either way it is better to flush the transmission fluid. It should cost about 80 bucks to have it done.
Yes you can get a special funnel and refill thru the dipstick hole. Also it is the drain plug on the bottom of the transmission pan. I agree with trd if you have a lot of miles go for the flush.:cool:
I agree with trd and pasopaul to get a flush. I would also change the tranny filter. Just draining and filling doesn't get out the metal shavings.
it has already been flush at about 40k, now i just want to replace the fluid.

so i would have to get the funnel to add liquid to the dipstick hole?

also, when i went the the dealers, they said that on a 2000 v6 camry there isnt a filter, just a screen that cant not be replaced. does this sound right?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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