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2000 celica gt - gts engine swappage?

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I've got a few questions regarding both a 2000 celica GT & 2001 GTS. On a scale of 1-10 my knowledge of cars is like, a 2.

Well, my friend previously owned a 2001 GTS before he got into a car accident a few weeks ago. The only damage is the entire backside of the car and the accident was not his fault. So the other dude's insurance company is going to pay him something like $11,000 for the car.

I think he said the insurance company said it was okay to take some of the accessories from the car, as long as we replace it with the stock items. So, lucky me, since I own a celica 2000 GT, same color. He said he'll give me all the stuff for free, all we have to do is go to the towing place and swap out some of the things.

So when this day comes, hopefully this week, I'm goin to swap out my stock GT rims for his nice ones. Also, I'm hoping to swap out my seats (which is good, because I've been meaning to buy new ones) with his leather seats. He's also got a nice kaminari body kit that I can use to replace my old TRD one I've had ever since I bought the car new like 8 years ago.

My question is, is it feasable to replace my engine and transmission with his? Is it a fairly easy process to do a swap of these things? Will the insurance company even know or let us do this?
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You're planning on doing a complete engine swap at the towing company?
oh sorry, no, actually we were going to see if we could get the car towed over to a shop and get it done there once the insurance company pays for the car.

the towing place said we can do whatever we want with the car only until the insurance company pays for it. then apparently we can move it to another location until the insurance company picks it up, which won't be for several weeks they said.
Insurance company won't know a think if you swap the engine. When they pick it up it just goes to a junkyard. When I had a totalled car my brother took out a bunch of engine parts and just kind of threw in some Honda parts to replace it. The insurance company doesn't inspect any details of the car.
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