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2000 Celica GTS Belt Tensioner

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I recently posted a question concerning my 2000 GTS's idler pulley. After researching things a little, I've learned this is actually referred to as a "Belt Tensioner Assembly" and seems to be a pretty common problem on 2000 GTS models. I found the TSB and this thing looks to be a bear to fix. There's just no room. Has anyone tackled this repair, or can someone give me an idea of what the dealerr cost is to do the repair?
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I didn't see your other post, but if you mean that the tensioner is hard to get to to adjust, I know what you mean. They're nearly impossible. Maybe if you unbolt all of the engine mounts except for the one on the driver's side, with a jack supporting the engine, and then jack it up a few inches, you may be able to get to it better.

Thanks, Doc. I'm afraid this baby is too far gone for adjustment. It's making a metallic squealing noise. I agree with you - after taking a closer look, the only way to get to this assembly is to jack the engine up and take it from there.
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