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I have my 2000 Carbon blue Celica GTS 6speed. My parents are telling me to sell it because my brother got into 4 accidents in the past month and now we pay $4,560 every 6months for insurance....Not fair I tell yah! but any ways haha.

-This car has a good 106k on the engine, I know triple digits but it runs perfect.
-It has a new clutch
-Lambo doors from Vertical Doors Inc. (also have stock)
-Carbon Fiber Exhaust
-Painted Headlights (black)
-Ingen CAI (not short)
-Body kit (this is special so ill talk about this later)

I have the stock body kit but I have a full body kit (Blitz front, Veilside side and rear) Now the sides have never been installed but the rear has and is still perfect. NOW the front is torn up, alot of steep rises here in Hawaii and my house. But it can be repaired, also there all not painted.

This car rides perfect, and I love it, but I have to sell it ASAP. So Im going to ask
$9,000 Obo

Oh dang almost forgot, I have pics but there old so, Email or PM me and ill go out and take some fresh ones.

Thank you for your time,
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