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2000 Corolla CE
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Hey everyone, first post here but I do lots of vehicle work for myself and family. That said, transmissions, especially AT's aren't my thing. Dang slushboxes.

We have a A245E transmission, 2000 Corolla CE with 240k on the ticker that would shift into reverse but had no power at all, after much testing determined it to be a severely worn band or clutch pack.

So I found an A245E(an 06) locally that I thought would work but have discovered the really hard way that the plugs at the neutral/park switch and the solenoid connector are very different. It is also lacking the kick down cable that mine has.

I just finished mounting it into the car and was finishing things up when I finally realized the plugs were different.

Is there a workaround for this that's less labor and money than finding another transmission and installing that?

For the neutral/park switch I have already swapped them over so that seems ok, but the solenoid plug on mine is 3-wire, the donor has a 5 wire plug.
Then there is the matter of the kick down cable.

Thank you,
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