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2000 Echo Exhaust Manifold

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I was told, in the course of a safety inspection, that my 2000 Echo has an exhaust leak. The mechanic said these manifolds are pretty crappy and have a tendency to crack, but it could also be the gasket, they would have to take the heat shield off to see--but his quoted price for said activities were ridiculous, so I left. I'm going to take the shield of and have a look see, any tips in helping diagnose the problem if it isn't obviously cracked? Secondly, I'm having some trouble finding any of these manifolds online to get an idea on pricing. I'm sure my local junk yard will probably have something, but what other cars (if any) share this manifold? There is a time limit on the re-inspection so I'm trying to get everything moving at once in case the manifold does need to be replaced. Thanks!
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I see the front pipe gasket very often, but rarely the manifold.
argh...the top bolts on the heat shield were easy, but the bottom ones are super seized. Got them soaking in some penetrating oil...
My 01 Yaris needed replacing the crappy rusty manifold also
because of a leak.
I have a bad back so i sent to the garage with best prices in this part of Norway.
Well.... the bolts broke of ofcourse.. so they needed to drill them out anf replace them also.
Total cost ended up at 12000 kroner= 2000 usdollar !! Expensive!!!
I recently had mine replaced along with the whole exhaust. I got a new OEM manifold online for about 160 bucks. I paid about 300 bucks for everything with a mechanic friend who cut me a deal. So it should not cost you more than 500 bucks parts and labor, expecially since you are not getting a whole new exhaust.
I've been with Toyota for a LONG time. I've never seen an Echo manifold need to be replaced due to cracking. Tundra and OLD corolla's yes but never an Echo or yaris...
If I had to replace the manifold I'd just replace the entire exhaust system. I wonder if somehow the manifold got wet to cause it to crack? Ah well! I figure you guys must have some miles on your cars.
My gasket shredded at 105k, but not the manifold..
Has anyone considered or one with an aftermarket header?

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Hey Stevo, judging by your name you have a '05 hb?

So do I.

Mine sounds pretty raspy on acceleration - I'm not any kind of mechanical person so am figuring that raspy sound means something will need to be fixed...just need to figure out what.

Have you had this issue come up yet? If so, any ideas?

I changed mine at a little over 100k. I've only ever seen the manifold changed once because someone broke the bolts and couldn't get them out, I sell the gasket here almost everyday. The other thing that goes is after the resonator near the muffler, the pipe rusts out at the bend or at the flange. I've seen a few mufflers not too many though.
Mine has a crack right where the flange of the manifold hits the head at cylinder 4 . I managed to mig weld it shut about a year ago but it is starting to make a bit more noise now. The manifold is very rusty. I was thinking of getting a fun exhaust system with a center exit - since the whole thing will likely fall apart any day (195K on the 2005).
Wow, i hope that doesn't happen to me! I have an 03 with nearly 170k. So not as much miles but getting there. I drive a lot.
When I got its oil changed, I asked the guy in the underground bay to look for anything loose or damaged but he didn't see anything. Guess I'll have to get under the car to have a look.

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Looks like it is a gasket that will need replacing as the exhaust system is good.
Will look on for parts.....looks like 4 companies make them : FEL-PRO, DNJ, BECK/ARNLEY and VICTOR REINZ.
Anyone used either of these brands?
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It's odd that they "crack easily" since the original is still on mine. It's been wet before when hot (popping the hood after rain, for example). No leak. Closest thing to an exhaust leak I ever get is the joint by the torsion beam, which has happened a couple times thanks to cheap gaskets.
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