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2000 RAV4 Service Questions

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I am going to be working on a 2000 RAV4 for someone that is to be sold. It has about 98k miles and has been sitting for a good year, so it needs some things done. It has a 2.0L 4 cylinder engine, which I think was the only engine available for that year. I can get more info if needed.

I plan on changing the oil, transmission fluid, and coolant, adding a bottle of heet and techron to the gas, cleaning the airflow sensor, cleaning inside and out, and replacing the front pads and rotors. The air filter is new, and I am going to inspect the sparkplugs and wires, but it looks like service has been done during its life.

The CEL is on with codes P0401 and P1130. The P0401 is for the EGR which I plan on testing with a vacuum pump and cleaning, and the P1130 is for the A/F sensor (oxygen sensor?), which I was going to erase and see if I could generate it again, and go from there. I was thinking that one or both of these codes could be related to the car sitting for so long, possibly even the year old gas for the A/F sensor code.

I have a couple of quick questions that I was hoping to get answers to:
1. Does the transmission pan have a drain plug?
2. What are the capacities of transmission fluid and engine oil?
3. What weight of oil should be used?
4. Are the plugs copper or platinum, and what is the correct gap?
5. Are there any other things I should do or inspect?
6. What would this car sell for roughly? Is the kbb price pretty accurate? (I can get details if needed)
7. And if anyone has any input on the codes, I would really appreciate it.

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I will post what I have been able to find so far in case someone is looking for this in the future. I still have to troubleshoot the codes.

Oil Capacity: 4.3 quarts with filter
Oil weight: 5w-30

Transmission Capacity: 7.4 quarts

OEM spark plugs: NGK Laser Platinum (NGK BKR6EKPB-11)
Spark plug gap: .044 inches
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