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2000 Rear Bumper Step Tread

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The rear bumper (cover) on my 2000 Sienna CE has a black plastic non-slip (kinda) foot tread atop its upper surface. I want to remove it from the organ donor and install it on my 2000 Sienna LE, which doesn't have this tread (or any mounting holes). Is it attached with adhesive? I would purchase one, but the parts illustrations that I have found show it as call-out #15, but no p/n is given. I appreciate any thoughts on this.
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I think this is what your referring too:
Part Number: 0027808975
Supersession(s): 00278-08975; 27808975
Thanx - It seems that this item was a Toyota accessory, and is either currently listed as NLA or exorbitant ( ≈ $54.00).
I will attempt to employ a heat gun to remove it from the donor.
For the edification of others reading this thread,
I have found that the pertinent search terms are -
Bumper Protector - Bumper Pad - Sill Guard - Trunk Door Entry Edge Guard - Rear Trunk Bumper Protector Guard.
This one isn't too bad if removing the donor one doesn't go well.
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