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2000 Sienna 1M-FZE engine

The Check Engine light is on and I was able to have a mechanic determine the OBDII codes - P0130, P0135. Both indicate an issue with the air-fuel sensor Bank 1 Sensor 1. I need confirmation as to which sensor this is. There are 2, one on the front next to the radiator and another next to the firewall.

Would just replacing the sensor recitfy the issue or coud it be something additional? There is only 50,000 miles on the vehicle.

Dealer told me that these are not oxygen sensors but air-fuel sensors because it apparently has California emissions. Price from local dealer for just the sensor was $227.00. I don't want to sink the money into it unless I know for sure.

Also, if the sensor is bad what effect is it having on the engine? There is no apparent problems in the way that it is running.

If I do replace the sensor how do I clear the CEL? Is just disconnecting the battery sufficient?

Thanks for any help.

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doing the repair will clear the codes, if you don't have code reader/ scanner link to Denso AFR / O2 sensors

If you aren't inclined to do this your self (diagnosing a bad heater circuit just takes a multi meter, and being able to get to the black leads on the harness,
another cause for a po135 is a bad eng. temp sensor, a run of the mill OBD reader will be able to see if what is on the gauge is what the motor is actually doing
given what he dealer is projected to harvest from your pocket, I 'd find a friend with tools, and offer him/her/them $100 to change the parts., if you are not inclined to do it yourself
Paul in L.A
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