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2000 solara

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ok i dont know, ive read soo much shit and i dont know wat to do, wat should i do, get a drop in trd filter for the solara? (its a v6) or should i do a cai ? .........or can someone show me a way to add more hp for cheap!?
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the only company that makes a CAI for us is, but alas they havn't responed to any of my emails, so i dont really know if the kit is for sale to the public, but there is one member here who has one, black, full kit, can't think of the name.

you might also wanna check out the thread titled 'free v6 mod' , theres a way to get free hp out of the 1mz

i highly suggest the TRD RSB. lowering makes it looks soooo muchhh better to
eh im into performance right now and not that much into looks, i know a lower car has a better ride sometimes, but im happy with my car's height, and as for that free v6 mod, does it really work?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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