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2000 XLS - Brake Service Questions

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Hello everyone. Long time lurker, new poster in the Avalon forum.

I have an intermittent squeal from my brakes. By that I mean it sounds like once per revolution of the wheel (I think) there's a squeak, of sorts. I took it to a shop (and the dealer) about a year ago and they both said it was just the rotors that have rusted and that other than that the brakes are fine. Replace them whenever I want.

Well, it's time to replace them. I'm not a mechanic, but if I can find good instructions I'm not afraid to give it a shot.

I found
on YouTube that walks through replacing the rotors and pads. Assuming that video is a good guide I have a few questions about the procedure described:

  1. Is this a good guide for replacing the pads and rotors?
  2. Do I need a brake hardware kit? I bought Akebono pads that don't have hardware in the kit, so do I need something like this Centric kit? I not sure if I currently have these on the front and/or rear.
  3. What type of anti-seize should I be using? Would something like this Permatex Anti-Seize rated to 1600 degrees F work? Or would I want the copper version rated to 1800 degrees F?
  4. What type of brake lubricant would I want for the slide pins on the calipers? Would this Permatex Extreme Brake Parts lubricant be the right thing?

I also think I need to replace the parking brake shoes on the rear. My sister apparently didn't realize the parking brake was on and drove it about 3 miles before realizing that's why it was so difficult to get the car to move.

The parking brake does hold the vehicle if the front end is pointed one direction on a hill, but if the front end is facing the other way it the parking brake doesn't hold at all. I don't remember which direction at the moment, sorry. I found
by the same person that walks through replacing the parking brake shoes. Questions for that video:

  1. Is that a good guide as well?
  2. In addition to the shoes, should I replace all the parts with a hardware kit like this? I would prefer to have everything I need before starting, as this is my only vehicle.
  3. Are there any other things I should be aware of when replacing the shoes?

I've got some other issues I'll need/want to address in a different thread in the future. For now, any guidance or suggestions on getting this done right is greatly appreciated!