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2001 Camry brake indicator light on dash

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The stupid light will not go off and she's over due for NJ inspection!!

This is what I checked so far:
Fluid in master is topped off
replaced both rear brake bulbs
re seated 3rd brake light bulb and insured it lights up
I searched the forum with no real luck.

Could the shoes in the rear brakes make the light stay on?

Help! :headbang::lol:
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make sure your parking brake isn't too tight so it drags the rear shoes always. how many clicks on parking brake handle before car stops moving in D ?

another option, you have a dragging caliper/drum ?

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If everything is working fine...just remove the bulb. It'll pass inspection at least.

Just do weekly walks around the car and check to make sure the bulbs are working and it's not an issue :thumsbup:
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