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2001 ecm

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Dealer says my ECM is bad. The current part number is 89661-08060. Can I replace with one out a used Sienna that is part number 89661-08061?
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Both the 89661-08060 and the 89661-08061 supersed to a 89661-08061-84 which signifies a reman. However, there are two bulletins that state that there is an upgrade to both the 08060 and the 08061. If it were not for these two bulletins I would say sure, but since there is an upgrade, I would say don't do it. You may have more trouble than the savings is worth.
dealer said i need part number 89661-08063 at a cost of $1,618. what do you recommend.?

I am not sure what you mean by part number 89661-08061-84. what does the extra 84 mean? How much does that part cost?
The -84 indicates a remanufactured unit. But as I stated there are two bulletins that point to the 89661-08063 whic MSRP is $1477.88 and my price would be $1043.52.

The 89661-08061-84 is $932.70 MSRP and my price would be $652.89. What has me at a conflict is Bulletin vs. Reman. I am leaning towards you being able to use the reman, but I am not yet 100% sure. I have to look into that more.

What exactly is your complaint, i.e. why do you need a new computer? what did the other dealer tell you, was there any code, etc. More info would help.
So I called my Parts Technical people and they could not answer my question. Since I have had nothing to do with this vehicle, I don't know if I can give you a clear cut answer. I need your complant, the techs Diagnosis, etc. What I can tell you is that the original part number 89661-08060 superseded to a 89661-08061-84(which is a remanufactured unit). But, there is a bulletin regarding certain complaints, but the date on that is 2005. The service side of technical doesn't take phone calls, a tech case would have to opened and then they get back to the dealer. In some instances, they want to speak to the technician who is working on the car.

My advice to you is, see what the dealer says about the reman unit. For all I know they may have already been down this path and that is what tech told them, or they are just playing it safe and going with the bulletin to make sure that they are covered because if they put in the wrong computer, it isn't returnable, etc. I don't know with the information that I have.

In all reality, there is suppose to be nothing different between a reman unit and a new unit, but since my warehouse stocks both, and there isn't a clear cut answer, I am a bit on the cautious side to just say use the reman unit.
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Thanks Gary. I appreciate you looking into it. If it makes you feel any better I have not found one person that can answer my question. Of course my local dealer wants to sell me the latest version of the ECM for $1,618. But what I am going to try for $69.95 is a newer version than the one I have but not the latest version the dealer has. Worse thing is, it doesnt work and I go from there. I have the 2005 TSB you mention plus all the readings from the dealer after the recent diagnosis. Basically it says the ECM is not reading info from the air fuel ratio sensors before or after the cat. I also have 2 other pages with a bunch of diagnostic info on them too which I assume is where they came up with the ECM being bad.
You know, I treated your situation just as if it were at my store. The only thing I'd do differently, and I don't know if they did or not, is go that extra mile to find out what the difference is. I even asked a tech and in theory, a new reman unit should have all the updated information. The question is, when did they come out with the reman unit? before or after the bulletin? The two bulletins pertain to specific complaints and codes, so if you came into my store with one of those, or vehicle exhibited the code on the bulletin, I would have my tech open the tech case, because I would want to know the answer. So as it stands, I cannot blame the dealer for siding on side of caution. Let me just add one thing here, the profit margin on the two is relatively the same. By that, I mean that it would make no difference to me if I sold you the more expensive or less expensive one, the margin is realatively the same. In fact, if I had the option, or if I could, I would go for the less expensive one because I would stand a better shot at selliing a $600.00 computer than a $1600.00 one.

With all that, the 89661-08061 would work. Keep in mind that just because your computer did or did not fall in lines with the TSBs, doesn't mean that the compurter you get from the junk yard will or will not. Again, the TSB states the optimal word "some." After you install the junk yard computer, you'll have to drive your Sienna around for a bit so that the computer can re-learn everything from your vehicle. Even at that, you do stand a chance of having a bad used computer. It is a gamble, but hey, $70.00 is better than $1700.00.

I really do wish I could be of more help, but I am limited by certain variables, etc.
I hope what I have done gets you somewhere.
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Thanks again Gary. You have been more help than anyone. It really does take some, thought, skill and knowledge to properly diagnose something and give the customer the proper advice without draining their bank account. I dont get the feeling my local dealer has the knowledgable staff to do what you are doing. I never get the feeling that anyone is there to serve the customer. Just a job to them. You take it in for something and they try to scare you into having other things repaired at ridiculous prices. The van is worth maybe $5,000 and they hand you a suggested list of repairs that would cost $4,000. And you are right, they would have more luck selling me a $600 computer than a $1,600 computer. And I have been to them for several things. For instance, the drivers door handle broke. I bought a new one from a dealer out of state. I disassembled the interior of the door, removed the old one completely but then could not get the new one installed after an hour of trying. So I take it to the dealer and have them install it figuring a broken door handle is pretty common and easy for them to do. Well, I get a bill for 1.5 hours ($155.) So needless to say i do not trust them and have zero confidence in there skills. If I did I would take it there for more things. I will keep you posted on my CEL journey. Thanks again.
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You know it always pains me when I hear horror stories like yours. Yes, this is a business, and yes it is a job, but I chose this profession for me, not my customers. I enjoy helping my customers and I always put myself in my customers shoes. I know how hard it is to hear you need a repair or maintenance for hundreds of dollars. I also have one of those personalities that there is always an answer, even if it isn't the one you want to hear. But in your case, it takes a bit of caring, knowledge and effort to find that out. If indeed you needed the $1600.00 computer, I would want to explore every possible option and know 100% for a fact that is the one you need. At this particular time, and with what I have to go on, I can't make that statement. I would want to know why or if I could use the $600.00 computer and if I couldn't why not. That way, I could at least explain to you the who, what, where, when, and why's of the expensive one.

Once again, I am sorry for your experience at your local dealer, and only wish I could have been of more help. If, in the future, you ever need anything please don't hestiate to contact me, even if it isn't parts or parts sale related. I am usually in here just about everyday, but don't let that stop you, you can email, call, etc.
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i am not an unreasonable person. I dont want anyone to work for free just like I dont want to work for free. I have 2 dealers near me and I have zero confidence in either of them. And that is a shame because I would love to drop my vehicle off with them and trust that they will do what is right at a fair price. However that is just not the case. I always feel over charged and under served.
Sounds to me like the dealers have the attitude of well if you don't go to me where else will you go and that is a very bad mentality to have.

Have you tried talking to the Service Manger, Fixed Operation Manager, General Manager, Owner?

One of the things I love about my store is that our owner is very hands on, he makes the place feel like a friendly environment, which then translate to how everyone treats the customer. If have a no pressure menatality, but expected to do your job, then it really shows. Again, it all starts with the owner/GM, and then the people that are hired. If someone hires bad people it always suprised me when they don't get good results. What some owners/GM don't realize is that good people go to good places to work.

I don't know the stores personally you are dealing with, but I have been around long enough that I can see between the lines.
and that is their mentality. very small minded. i did go to the service manager and he was of no use. the price actually went up after talking to him because he recommended the latest greatest version of the ECM versus the reman unit i was recommended the first time. at that point i just gave up because i could see the robotic look in their eye. funny you should mention the GM. In the drive through area where you pull your car into and pay the cashier when the work is done, there was a BMW convertible M6, a custom 69 Camaro Street Rod, and a custom chopper that according to the service guy all belonged to the GM. Kind of a strange place to store his very expensive toys. right in the area where customers are being over charged and under served.
I get the picture, I understand that dealership more than you know now based on what little you have told me.
Got a used ECM, plugged it in and it did not work. The old ECM ended in 60 and the one I got ends in 61. Taking it to the above mentioned dealer this week because they said it might have to be re-flashed. The strange thing was the service advisor said it might take a couple of hours. Seemed like an odd comment to me. Like they are setting me up for a big bill..........again.
I know this is an old thread...but I am wondering what became of your situation. Was there something the dealer had to do to "sync" your "new" 61 ECM to your car? I bought a used 62 ECM for my 01 Sienna, and the car will not start either. I read somewhere that they should be interchangeable, and that only the 2004+ Sienna's needed something to be done for security with the key. I suspect that this is probably true for 1st Gen's too. I am also getting a P0420 code. I already replaced the O2 sensor and the cat, thinking it had to be one of those, but the P0420 came back after only about 5 or 6 weeks.
Sorry but I cannot recall how this ended up. I know my CEL light is on again with the dreaed P0420 code that can be anything from the gas cap through the exhaust. I replaced the gas cap and that didnt work. Previously a mechanic found frayed wires under the intake manifold and that fixed the problem for a long time. That was giving false readings so have someone check out the van that can check how the electricity is flowing or not. Otherwise you are chasing the problem blindly.
I finally took my 01 Sienna to the local Toyota dealer for evaluation. They said the problem was the Bank 1 pre-cat. The Bank 1 pre-cat is included in the Y-pipe part of the exhaust. The dealer wanted $1700 to replace it! Needless to say, I did not go for this highway robbery. I bought a Walker pipe off for about $255. I also bought the Denso O2 sensor for the back bank(#1, Air/Fuel) too. (I previously replaced the front one) I installed both of these over the weekend. After checking my OBD2 scanner yesterday, the Catalyst monitor now shows "OK." So I believe it finally passed the catalyst monitor test. I had already changed out the rear main cat and it's O2 sensor. Changing the Bank 1 O2(Air/fuel) sensor may not have been necessary, but with 130K miles it was probably nearing the end of its life. If you want to go even cheaper, you can buy just a new Walker pre-cat and have it welded into the existing Y-pipe. You would probably have to remove the Y-pipe to have this done however.
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