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hi all, i am new to the sites!
lately ive been having a craving to swap out the engine in my 2001 camry

whats a good engine that would produce some power?
i found a 3sgte on craigslist for 500. it says that the engine has a spun bearing and it needs to be rebuilt.

how much would it cost to rebuild it?

should i stick wit this engine or scour the internet for another one.
any input would be good :chug:

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1. :welcome:

2. im assuming you have a 5sfe. searching this section will yeid your options and how to go about it.

3. check out the stickies in this section and general camry discussion for other info.

4. 3sgte is alot of work and very expensive. inless you have lots of time, money, experiance, and skip that. a v6 + 5 speed swap would be MUCH easier.

5. you have a gen4(specifically 4.5)...not gen5(used gen5 for you thread tag).
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