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We have a 2001 Rav 4 with 162,000 miles. It has been a great, dependable car, but recently started to signs of transmission trouble. Took it to our regular mechanic and he had trouble figuring it out. Said no codes showed up. Symptoms got better when he flushed the trans fluid. Problems returned shortly after this. His best guess was a problem with the valve body, but couldn't locate any used ones.

Took it to the Toyota dealer. They said that the computer was malfunctioning, so it was impossible to tell exactly what else might be happening with the car. Said there was a 50% chance that the computer issue had lead to significant tramsmission damage, but would not know until the computer was replaced. $1300 later we are told that the transmission was indeed damaged and would have to be replaced. Cost, an additional $3500.

With the miles it has, we don't feel that it is worth it to fix the transmission. My question is, does anybody have any idea of the best way to get any remaining worth out of the car. Do we see if the dealer will give us something for it. Or do we try to sell it for the parts, sell it on craigslist, etc. Any opinions would be appreciated.

Also, during all of this the technician at the dealership told my wife that in 2006 a bulletin went out to the dealers that there was potentially a problem with the computers on 2001/2002 Ravs. My question is, should we be upset with Toyota for keeping this information to themselves? Did they have some kind of a responsibility to inform the owner's that this problem, which could potentially wreck the transmission, existed? I'm not sure how I feel about this and would appreciate any ideas. Thanks in advance.
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