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I just purchased a used 2001 TLC. I have 2 minor issues. First, the right rear power side window (in the cargo area) does not work. The left side window works fine. When I press the switch for the right noise, nothing happens. I checked fuses (does not seem to be one). Can someone suggest where I go next? (i.e. is it a fuse, if so where - under the hood or under the driver's side dash; do I need a new motor for the window, etc).

Second, I noticed that the rear spoiler/wing was a little loose. Upon closer inspection it was cracked (mount) and where the mount bolt on the right side goes into the body (top of the rear hatch), the bolt and casing are not attached to the body of the vehicle (i.e. you can pull the mount and wing out of the mounting hole in the top of the hatch). Any suggestions (i.e. I could use a new wing, but there are not threads on the right side for a bolt to secure to on the body)? What purpose does the wing serve? Would it be okay to leave it off and plug the holes?

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