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2001 rolla LE - irratic idle problem

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When I start the engine, the engine idles ruff (cold start).. but once I get off my block, everything is fine.. if the engine is warm.. it doesn't do this too..

I've heard suggestions that it is the fuel pump/filter.. can it be this?

btw.. my eng has 50100 km on it .. synthetic oil changed, engine has been babied..
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ur car is still under warranty, so u should bring it to the dealer

i've tested/ checked out a 2000 LE w/ vvti
b/c my family was looking for another car
i tested it.. and it ran fine but the idle was horrible... the owner called me the next day and said he went to the dealer and fixed it... but the car had an accident so we werent interested when we found out
thnx.. I'm gonna get my emissions done on saturday.. I might aswell tell them about this too
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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