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Posting this to maybe help some other poor soul ....

Our 2001 Sienna CE Van was leaking water into the cabin - symptom was wet carpeting on the passenger side. If you research at all, there are two possibilities: windshield gasket, or a plugged A/C drip line. I spent hours and hours looking for it, squirting the hose, running the A/C, taking apart the dash. Nothing. No leaks.

My wife noticed the carpet in the hatchback section was wet too (actually, the padding underneath the carpet) so we determined it could be leaking from ANYWHERE in the car, and the padding was acting like a sponge and pulling it around. We spent hours climbing around in it during rainstorms, and finally discovered it was leaking from the REAR door and wicking forward. So we blew $150 on getting the rear door gasket replaced - and it still leaked.

So long story short (heh), we finally determined it was coming from the high mounted rear brake light. Toyota puts a thin rubber gasket around it, and it deteriorated over the years. We took it out, put a new bulb in (so we wouldn't have to take it all apart in 2 months for a blown bulb), sealed it up with silicon, and voila, no more leak.

(Course, we also had to replace the stinking wet carpet, but its like a new car!)
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