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I have a 2001 Tacoma that I have disabled the Daytime running lights on.

After doing this mod, everything works as it should meaning when the ebrake is disengaged, the lights remain off. When i switch the lights on with the headlight switch they work just fine, brights and all.

however, when the lights are off, my brights indicator in the cluster stays DIMLY lit until the lights are turned on with the switch. when you hit the brights the light comes on full light as it should in the cluster.

my question is, is there another way to disable the DRL's by pulling a relay or something, or just looping a relay to prevent the brights indicator from coming on dimly.

it remains on, even with the keys out of the ignition. i dont think its enough to kill a battery, but id rather not chance it and be stranded somewhere. however it is a 5 speed so i could always push start it if the battery died.

thanks in advance.
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