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2002 Camry jerks when I shift to D in the morning

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My 2002 Camry V6 (70k miles) has a jerk / kick when I move to D after it's been sitting overnight.
  • It doesn't have the jerk when I shift from P to R, or R to N. But when I shift from N to D, it jerks.
  • It only happens during the first shift in the morning. If it take it out from D to N, shift into D again right away, it doesn't jerk as bad. It still has the a slight kick but not comparable to the first shift.
  • The jerk is a lot less when I let the car warm up a little bit (lower idle RPM). But it still does.
  • The transmission shifts smoothly for the rest of the time. (While running or after the very first shift in the morning)
  • I don't know when was the ATF changed last time but it looks clean and normal from the dipstick.
Is it normal for Toyota? It feels like someone kicks the car from the inside. Not moving forward and backward. I had a 1995 Civic and it doesn't jerk this badly.
Why does it jerk in D but not R?
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If it's become an issue, replace your motor mounts. You can see the worn ones by leaving your car in park, IGNITION OFF, and rocking it.

Older car=older deteriorated rubber mounts.

Stay safe, stay healthy!
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I had a new upper motor mount (the one on the passenger side, near the radiator cap) installed last year. If it is the motor mounts, why wouldn't it jerk when it goes into reverse?
Check fluid level in tranny, also let car warm a few minutes to warm fluid, also try applying park brake before putting in park so brake holds car not tranny. If on a slight incline it is trans moving to drive with load on it. if trans is loaded with car weight when first engaging gears it will clunk.
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