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I was trying to install a cheap $61 Scytek 5000RS over the weekend, mainly for keyless entry, but it also comes with Alarm, and remote start. i was looking at the alarm wiring diagram for 2002 to 2004 camry, and for remote starter wires,

for starter 2 and ignition 2 both indicate it is black/yellow (20gauge) at ignition switch harness, when i physically look at the harness, i found 2 black/yellow wire. i hookup everything according to scytek installation, and initially the car will remote start, then shut off right away, i was very puzzled, and then i tried tap only one black/yellow wire, the remote starter wouldn't work at all, then i tap the other black/yellow wire, and finally works

the funny thing is everytime i push the button to remote start, during first attemp remote start, the engine start right up and running for about 5 seconds, then shut off, then 8 or 10 seconds later, system auto try 2nd attemp remote start, and engine starts and now stays running.

anyone encounter similar issue?

also, does anyone know if 2002 LE has built in trunk release motor?
the diagram i found for 2003 indicates it is White/blue (+) at driver side kick panel

i tried it and it blown me a fuse.

anyone has any input, realy appreciated

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for who curious, i found solution to all my problems

the remote start shut off after 5 seconds is due to Tach RPM monitor mode, i didn't know i have to train the remote restart unit to learn the RPM first. once i done that, it starts up on first try, and stays on, no more 2nd retry, even on cold engine start

i also found my 2002 camry 4cyl LE japanese built came with built-in trunk motor for power remote trunk release, even though it doesn't comes with keyless entry or toyota VIP alarm.
wire located at driver kick panel, 12 pin white connector.
the wire for power trunk is white with blue stripe, a little thicker than the rest of the wires,
and i use a 5 wires relay to activate it, (not 4 wires, need to use all 5 wires)

12 V constant power to relay pin 85 (positive) and relay pin 87 (positive), trunk trigger from alarm to relay pin 86 (negative), cut the power trunk (white with blue stripe) wire at driver kick panel, relay pin 87A (negative?) to power trunk switch side. relay pin 30 (positive) to power trunk motor side.

power trunk release wire rest on Grounded, and activate on 12V+, so White/blue stripe wire must cut, and that explain why i blown a fuse earlier without cutting the power trunk wire .

save me alot of time don't have to have to run the wire to the trunk, and don't have to install an aftermarket solenoid to pull the trunk.
use the 3rd diagram where it saids

"This configuration is used when the output from
the vehicle's trunk release switch rests at ground
and a 12 Volt pulse can not be applied directly to
the wire. Always fuse the 12 Volt supply to the
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