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2002 Camry P0445

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Hey all, I recently replaced my charcoal canister after getting check engine codes P0440 and P0446, after redoing my charcoal canister I cleared the light, and put about 100 miles on it before the light came back on. Took it into AutoZone to get it checked and it came back with a P0445, P0440 and P4406 are cleared, but now I have a P0445, does anyone know where to start with this? Could I have done something wrong in replacing the charcoal canister? Thank you.
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i'm sure you read this but I'll pass it on anyway. Check hoses and electrical connectors at and around the canister. Lots of Utube videos about testing and p0445 code in general.
  • Electrically Shorted Purge Valve Solenoid
  • Stuck open or closed purge valve
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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