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hey guys,
i currently have a 2002 corolla with 290 000 kms on it. till today it ran really well. but it idles really rough all of a sudden, kind of a deep raddle. and when i get to higher speeds(80 km/h) the whole car starts to shake alot.
dose anyone know the problem or how to fix it?

thanks in advanced for all the help!!

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Could be a number of things causing that. Anything replaced or changed out recently? Spark plugs changed recently - car is pretty sensitive to spark plug quality, plugs could be fouled or just plain worn out? Started after you filled up the tank - could be a bad tank of gasoline, try a different gas station to rule that out? Vacuum leaks, exhaust leaks, induction leaks can also cause funny driveability. Faulty of clogged injectors are another possibility.

Did you notice a check engine light come on when this happens? Sometimes the CEL will flash and not stay on.

Things to check:

- Spark plugs, even if you changed them recently, pull them and read the ends. Note if anything looks different from plug to plug. Note any deposits, discolorations, wet/dry, etc.

- Oil level - double check motor oil levels. Some of the 1ZZ-FE engines on the 8th gen Corollas have turned out to be notorious oil burners. Some start very suddenly, so it is a good idea to check the oil
level as often as you can (every fillup).

- throttlebody and MAF sensor, MAF can get covered by deposits, more so if you have a free-flowing filter design. Cleaning it and the throttle body can greatly improve idle quality and drivability.

- Add a bottle of decent fuel injector cleaner - something like Redline SI-2 Fuel System Cleaner is what I like to use.
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