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2002 Corolla tape deck in 2003 Echo

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My 2003 Echo is bottom-of-the-line, with just the radio installed. My nephew (who doesn't have to pay rent) bought a 2002 Corolla that came with a tape deck, and promptly replaced that with a better CD player. He's given me the Corolla tape deck, which I'd like to install in my Echo.

I took the tape deck to my mechanic, who thought he could install it. But on looking into it, he said Toyota doesn't sell the wiring kit that he'd need to install the tape deck. He thought I'd be better off just buying a new CD player, which would come with a wiring kit. Sure, I'd like a CD player, but I don't need it and would like to save money.

Is there a wiring kit that would work, and if so, what kit should I look for?

(My guess is someone will say I should look for a new mechanic, but I'm generally quite happy with him. He doesn't specialize in audio.)

Thanks for any advice.
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i'm quite sure that u don't need any wiring kit for this tape deck swap... pretty much all the harness in a toyota from 87+ uses the same plug for their decks... regardless if it was a tape deck, cd, or just plain radio... the only concern will be if it would actually fit ur car... cross check the two face plates on both decks and see if they are the same size... if they are... then pretty much it's plug and play...

FYI... i just did pretty much the same thing as ur thinking of now... with a tape deck from a 97 camry and swap it into a 89 tercel... so that should give u a lil bit more confidence...!

good luck..
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