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2002 hl

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I had a new aftermarket radio installed on my 2002 hL and the temp went hot so I told the tech and he said the Potentiometer probably needed looked at. When I push on the temp. dial it will instantly turn cold. It has gone hot/cold the last few months also. I do read these posts and have tightened the nut behind the temp dial last year (it was loose) so now I think it is the Potentiometer that is the culprit. Any ideas on a cost to have a service guy fix it (shouldn't be much) and is there a particular name for this repair?
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In all honesty, I hear the going rate is between $600-$700.
A new hvac control unit is about 700 new. Probably less than 200 on ebay or from a junkyard. Or, had a great writeup on how to do it yourself.

it is no doubt the knob which is connected to the potentiometer. This then connects to the board by three wires, which crack and need to be replaced. Unfortunately, the whole HVAC control panel is sold as one unit. Fortunately, it's about a one hour job if you can find someone comfortable with a pretty straightforward soldering job.
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