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2002 inner CV joint housing removal

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I am attempting to remove the driver side inner cv joint housing from the transmission. Everything I have found so far, and the looks of the part, indicate it should just slip out. I have separated the boot from the housing and have the tripod removed from it. I have tried slipping a pry bar between the housing and the transmission but I am affraid I will damace a thin metal disc that seems to reside in that space if I apply o much preassure to it. I also attempted to tap on it by inserting the end of a dull chissel into the groove that the boot clamp seats into but not too hard as I fear I may damage that surface as well.

Any pointers welcome as I am at an impass on this project until I get it to free up. :headbang:
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:clap:eek:k then. that was fun.
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