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For future reference, I have a 2002 Toyota Echo with a manual transmission (standard shift), and this was my experience:

-The fluid capacity is 1.9 quarts of conventional gear oil 75w-90 (MUST BE GL-4 and/or GL-5 compatible) (synthetic is not forbidden, but double expensive-- and from what I've collectively read-- unnecessary)
-I'm 225lbs, and I did not need to jack my car up, or remove the air box-- I was comfortable just reaching under the front left side of the car to access both plugs and change the gear oil on my flat tar driveway
-Remove the plastic splash guard that's in the way (mine required a 10mm socket)
-Both plugs are 24mm
-Both plugs have a washer-- don't lose either washer in your drain pan
-Remove the upper fill plug first, then the lower drain plug (if you don't, the old oil doesn't drain out as well or as fast)
-I used a funnel inserted into a 3' piece of rubber tubing (looked tight to get the whole pointy topped gear oil quart to fit right)
-It is NOT "spill and fill" (so put 2 quarts in and THEN STOP!!!!!!)
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