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2003-2004 MR2 Supercharged?

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Does anyone have or know of anyone whos got the TRD supercharger for the new model MR2's? Im about to graduate and im looking for a newer car. I was just wondering if this had sufficent power to move around. Its either that or buy a miata and supercharge that. Any ideas or suggestions?

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I don't think the TRD 1zz-fe S/C is made for that applicaion.
As far as I know they only fit 03+ Corollas and Matrixes.

Don't forget about the new Mazdaspeed Miata, factory turboed:thumbup:
They do make one... but it doesn't fit without taking the softtop out and cutting through the firewall. So... you will probably have to get a hardtop or go topless. Go with the 2zz swap.... find a nice 2000 and get a 2zz.... turbo it.... other than that I have never seen them make too much power.
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