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2003 a/c problem

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Owner of a 2003 4Runner, recently started to encounter problems with my a/c. The panel a/c indicator light starts to flash and the manual says as follows:

"If the "A/C" button indicator flashes, there is a problem in the air conditioning system and the air conditioning automatically shuts off. If this happens, take your vehicle to a Toyota dealer for service".

This is exactly what is happening to my 2003 4Runner, but, before I do take it to the dealer, I just wanted to know if anyone else here has experienced this problem before and what was done about it. Were you able to solve it yourself? Did you take it to the dealer? What did they tell you?

If it is something that I can solve/correct myself I am listening.

Thanks eveyone for your help.
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I'm going by memory here, but when this happened to my brother Celica it was the relay. Hopefully that is your issue as that is probably the most least expensive part to replace/repair.
Does the a/c blow cold when on? If so, check the a/c clutch for engagement and if it's slipping when on.
if you turn on the A/C, normally the A/C clutch engages and causes resistance to the belt, and you can feel and hear it engage. If it's electrical, the A/C clutch won't even engage and you won't feel or hear anything happening.

That might be a good starting point to troubleshoot it.
I have the same issue now. Will wait til daylight for testing.
A/C Problem

I've got the same problem, the previous owner of my 4runner told me that he made all services to the AC system but the condition still. So I start checking the connector in the sorrounding area trying to find any obvious problem, and I found it!!! corrosion in one of the connectors. It was cleaned, and the AC flashing problem desapeared until now......
Replacing the relay is easy and inexpensive and most likely the problem. Costs way less than having it diagnosed and then replaced. It is a common failure.
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